Backflow Testing Services near Galena Ohio

Many people don’t truly understand the importance of backflow testing until backflow happens…and that’s a hard way to learn.

Backflow happens when there’s a reduction in water pressure and the water in your pipes flows in reverse. This problem might not seem that bad until you think about the pollutants and other nasty germs that usually flow away from homes and businesses. Now, imagine all of that used and untreated water flowing into the water supply that you rely on for fresh, clean water. Yuck.

That’s why homes and buildings have backflow devices, also known as backflow preventers, that prevent that polluted water from flowing into the water supply. And because it’s an essential mechanical device, it’s crucial to test it once a year to ensure it’s in good working order.

Backflow Prevention Testing Near Galena, Ohio

At Galena Lawn Care, we’re here to ensure that your backflow preventer is up to the task. Your water company requires annual backflow preventer testing to help safeguard the public water supply. That’s why we offer our backflow testing service. With backflow testing, we’ll:

  • Ensure your backflow preventer is working
  • Tag it with the date of testing
  • Repair, rebuild, or replace your backflow preventer if necessary
  • Remind you annually to get this important service completed

If you aren’t sure when you last checked your backflow preventer or if it has been a year since your last inspection, contact Galena Lawn Care for fast and professional backflow testing services.

Residential & Commercial Backflow Services Galena, Ohio

Galena Lawn Care is your top choice for residential backflow services in Galena. By calling and making an appointment for backflow inspection and testing, you’re helping to protect the water supply and your family. And if you own a business, call about commercial backflow services with Galena Lawn Care.

Contact our Backflow Testing Company near Galena, Ohio

In Galena, backflow inspection and testing require some knowledge of the kinds of pipes you have, their locations, and the necessary water pressure needed to keep water flowing in the right direction. Don’t skip this vital plumbing maintenance. If you are looking for backflow prevention testing services near Galena, Ohio, contact Galena Lawn Care

Backflow Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Turn Off My Water for Backflow Testing?

While the technician tests the backflow preventer, your water will need to be off. If everything is working correctly, then your water will only be off for a short period of time. Make sure that everyone in your home knows that while the technician inspects your backflow preventer, they will not be able to use the water.

How Often Should the Backflow Preventer Be Inspected?

It is best to have a professional inspect and test your backflow preventer annually. Ohio requires annual backflow preventer testing. Galena Lawn Care is your premier backflow testing company in Galena, Ohio. Make an appointment, and we can quickly check and certify your backflow preventer.

How Can I Avoid Annual Inspection of Residential Backflow Preventers?

Ohio requires that your residential backflow preventer be inspected every year. If you use lawn irrigation, you want a professional to inspect your backflow preventer to ensure you’re not releasing pesticides, animal excrement, fertilizers, and other harmful substances into clean water lines. Galena backflow testing services can alert you to any problems or malfunctions before it becomes a big, dangerous problem.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Backflow Preventer Tested?

Every home and business is different when it comes to backflow prevention inspection near Galena. The backflow preventer is often working well and does not need any additional service. However, sometimes you may have undetected problems. A technician may need to repair or even replace your backflow preventer. In addition, there may be other related plumbing or irrigation issues. Contact Galena Lawn Care to get competitive pricing for your backflow preventer needs.

How Do I Test a Backflow Preventer?

Testing your backflow preventer yourself is possible, but it requires tools and parts you may not have at home. In addition, testing kits can be expensive, and you’ll need to know how to shut off the water in your home. You’ll also need to know the type of backflow preventer you have and how to access your backflow preventer. Avoid the headache and call Galena Lawn Care for professional, certified backflow preventer testing.

How Can I Tell If My Backflow Preventer Is Bad?

If your backflow preventer is going bad, one of the most apparent signs is slow water flow. A bad backflow preventer often means a water pressure problem, causing your water flow to slow to a crawl or even stop. In addition, another sign that you need to check your backflow preventer is if your water seems off. For example, if you notice that your water smells, tastes, or looks different, your backflow preventer is one area you should check. And finally, if you see water leakage from the backflow preventer or your sprinklers, that can be a sign that it’s time to repair or replace it.

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