Why the burning bush is bad for our ecosystem?

POSTED ON February 19, 2024 BY Galena Lawn Care
The great outdoors seem beautiful and mesmerizingly so! However, they also conceal hidden dangers which threaten the ecosystem. One such peril spreading its roots silently in our ecosystem is the burning bush, known in scientific circles as “Euonymus Alatus”. It is an invasive plant species. Its vibrant red foliage may be eye-catching, but the ornamental […]

Why Do We Need to Clean Up Leaves?

POSTED ON December 8, 2023 BY Galena Lawn Care
It is important to clean up your lawn as it helps to give a neat and well-kept look apart from maintaining the overall health of the garden or yard. Understand the importance of clearing leaves from your lawn. Know why it is necessary Maintains grass health: When leaves collect on a lawn, they obstruct the […]

Why Is It Important to Trim Your Trees in Ohio?

POSTED ON October 28, 2023 BY Galena Lawn Care
Trees are crucial to us and our environment as they provide oxygen, wood, and other value-added contributions. They need to be cared for, which ensures survival and growth with pruning.  The Importance of Tree Pruning for Tree Health and Safety Pruning a tree is frequently done for aesthetic reasons, but it is also done for […]

Completely Avoidable Landscaping Problems

POSTED ON May 7, 2023 BY Galena Lawn Care
A landscaped area looks attractive and welcoming to one and all. Hence, a properly landscaped lawn is one of the essential aspects of accentuating your outdoor living area that you want to be pristine and beautiful. To enhance the beauty of this part of your home, you must find a professional and experienced landscape designer […]

How to Improve Drainage in Lawns?

POSTED ON April 1, 2023 BY Galena Lawn Care
Soil drainage is essential for lawn health. Plants need well-drained soil for healthy growth. Plants require enough water to grow, but too much water can be detrimental. A lawn with improper drainage can suffer from various problems like fungal infections, weed infestations, grass dying, and other diseases.  Soil has tiny pores that hold vital nutrients […]

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