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Any Ohio resident knows that summertime in this neck of the woods can bring about some hot and dry spells. These hot and dry spells are taxing on you, and even more so on your lawn!

Lawn irrigation in Galena, Ohio is a must if you want to keep your lawn from suffering in the summer heat. Since having a sprawling, green lawn is a status symbol for most homeowners, Galena, Ohio lawn irrigation is a top priority when it comes to lawn care.

Galena Lawn Care is an irrigation service in Galena, Ohio that knows how to irrigate your property most efficiently. The placement of sprinkler heads should not be left to guesswork, which is why sprinkler system installation is a job for Galena, Ohio lawn irrigation experts like Galena Lawn Care.

Irrigation service in Galena, Ohio requires that preliminary steps be taken to ensure proper installation. These steps include familiarizing oneself with the entire property, locating gas lines, finding out the water system’s capacity, determining a water source, and finding the water source’s hook up.

Lawn irrigation in Galena, Ohio is not something you should try to do yourself, as making any errors can be very costly and result in a lot of wasted time and effort when you have to redo the work.

Call Galena Lawn Care to schedule the installation of your Galena, Ohio lawn irrigation system or to book your landscaping services today!

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