Flower Bed Maintenance Service Dublin Ohio

Flowerbeds are the soul of a landscape. They enhance the cosmetics of a garden and refine its visual appearance by adding varicolored flora to the scene. This, while on one hand, makes the premise more visually attractive, on the other, boosts the market value of the property. We are here to give your landscape the best aesthetic treatment ever.

We do flower bed installation in Dublin, Ohio that fill the landscape with beautiful blooms through changing seasons. Through expert installation, we enhance a yard with color, texture and fragrance. We plant the flowerbeds such that they bloom within a short time attracting butterflies and like pollinators.

Our installers love to work on flowerbeds in any form or fashion. From installation to maintenance they do it all. Like working on a blank canvas, they fill up the garden with colors. They do it as creatively as one can imagine so that when the fruits start to appear the scene transforms idyllic from ordinary.

With us, the options of flower bed maintenance service Dublin Ohio are endless. You can hire us to build flowerbeds from the scratch, or work on existing flowerbeds sowing them with the most delightful variety of flowering bushes. Whatever your requirements are, we like to start with a little planning and follow that up with the right amount of sweat equity.

Choosing the Right Spot for the flower bed Installation

Installing a flowerbed takes a bit of planning. So, instead of going straight into digging, we scout the area marking out the parts that would make great spots for flower-bearing plants. Along the fence, around the garden pond, underneath a tree, these are the places that we like best to put the flower beds.

There are also non-aesthetical matters that go into choosing the right spot for the installation. Planting too close to the driveway can result in obscuring of the curb. Then there are perils like ice, salt spray and such things that threaten to kill plants growing too close to the driveway and walkway.

Landscapers working with our flower bed installation company Dublin Ohio always pick spots where the plants will receive maximum sun and rain. So, they choose places that receive at least 6 hours of sunshine in the summer. They avoid shady areas as they neither offer health nor exposure to the flowers.

Getting the Soil Ready

Installing flowerbeds involve prepping up the soil. Perennials and annuals like loamy soil, but grow fastest when it is well composted. We start by doing a quick soil test to understand what kind of nutrients need to be added to it to keep the plants healthy.

We clear the sites from debris and rocks that can impede the growth of the plants. With hands, our men break up big clods before composting the soil. Enriched soil encourages faster and healthier growth of plants.

Flower Bed Design in Dublin, Ohio

If you have a design in mind, we are all ears. If you want us to design it as we see fit, you will see some serious creativity at the end of our job. Our landscapers believe in the power of right placement, and to make the most of it, they install flowerbeds in opportune places like around the mailbox, at the base of the porch, under a tee, at the front of the garden path, etc.

If your backyard has some unattractive spots and props that need hiding, we can try and cover those up with tall and dense flowering plants.

We take geometry into account too. Round, square, rectangular, triangular, we can design the flowerbed in any shape you like.


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