Why Is It Important to Trim Your Trees in Ohio?

POSTED ON October 28, 2023 BY Galena Lawn Care

Trees are crucial to us and our environment as they provide oxygen, wood, and other value-added contributions. They need to be cared for, which ensures survival and growth with pruning. 

The Importance of Tree Pruning for Tree Health and Safety

Pruning a tree is frequently done for aesthetic reasons, but it is also done for the tree’s benefit. Damaged, diseased, or broken limbs can endanger passers-by and persons close by and the tree’s health. Removing these branches will also prevent future deterioration. Pruning can also lower the quantity of leaf disease in a tree by boosting air movement through the tree canopy. It provides advantages for lower branches and plants that live under the tree canopy.

What is tree pruning? Is it necessary?

Pruning is intended to enhance tree structure and direct healthy development. This process eliminates deceased or dying branches.

Pruning a tree is indispensable for an assortment of reasons. Pruning trees can affect the way the tree grows. A tree can be pruned to develop into a specific arrangement of limbs and branches. It is better for the structural integrity of the trees. Maintaining the structure of trees cuts the chance of damaged limbs and falling branches.

A correctly trimmed tree will not have debilitated branch systems or uneven weight distribution. It can lead to tragedy later in the tree’s life.

Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Trees and Shrubs

When you clean up the trees and shrubs from time to time, you bid goodbye to the damaged branches. It also means you protect your property from damages caused by branches that fall on it. When old tree branches are removed, you allow new and healthy growth of the trimmed trees. There are no dangers of hanging branches over power lines, and safety hazards are prevented. Trimming of trees gives a neat and polished look and lays the foundation for their better health.

Reasons to Regularly Trim Your Trees

  • Tree Pruning Encourages Growth

Tree trimming encourages new growth. When you prune weak or unsightly branches, your tree may devote more resources (such as water and nutrients) to other regions of the plant. These components promote regrowth to balance the top of your tree with the current root system.

  • Pruning Can Be Used to Treat Disease

Trees, like humans, may become ill, and illnesses can spread swiftly. Pruning is sometimes the best approach to treat a common tree disease, especially a fungal infection.

  • Pruning Can Help Trees Survive Storms

Strong, balanced trees suffer well in high winds, rain, and snow. Pruning dead, diseased, and far-reaching branches improves the structural integrity and balance of your tree’s crown. When you care for your tree effectively, fewer weak branches are likely to fracture, fall, and cause harm.

  • Allows Fruit Production

Chopping dead parts of a tree encourages the spurs to grow and allows fruits to grow.

  • Prevents Safety Hazards

Dead or damaged branches are at risk for their surroundings if they fall during storms or high winds. They are more dangerous when they fall over electrical lines or roofs of properties.

How to Properly Trim Your Trees

When pruning trees, give a proper cut, it ensures no damage. The cuts should be done on the branch side of the stem and at the base so that the stem does not get damaged and allows the tree to heal properly. Tools such as loppers, pole saws, and pruning shears should be used depending on the size and strength of the tree.

Safety Precautions When Doing Tree Maintenance

  • Stay away from electricity wires

Assume that all electricity lines are turned off. Work at least 10 feet away from overhead electrical lines (and more if the voltage to earth is more than 50 kilovolts). When needed, contact the power company to de-energize and ground the electrical lines.

  • Stay away from drop zones

To avoid working in areas where trimmings or tree removal may fall, mark an area on the ground at least twice the tree height. Create a verbal and visual communication mechanism that the trimmer may utilize to alert ground personnel to the presence of an overhead hazard.

  • When falling a tree, plan a path of retreat

Feeling a tree refers to the act of cutting the tree such that it falls in the desired direction.  Therefore, it avoids harm to the tree and nearby structures. Trained ground workers will be holding the ropes to stand at least 1.5 times the tree’s height away from the tree. Keep uninvolved workers at least twice the height of the tree away from it.

  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

When pruning trees, ensure the use of PPE, including saddles, harnesses, climbing lines, hardhats, and climbing spurs.

  • Identify the hazards before the trimming exercise

Survey trimming and identifying the risks involved

Pruning vs. Topping Trees for Optimal Growth

This pruning technique involves reducing tree size. The procedure involves removing many or all large, live branches with little concern for tree health or structural integrity. Topping is a process that regulates height and spread, but it leaves behind woody stubs that induce rot, weak branch attachments, and increased failure risk.

Maximizing the Visual Impact of Tree Pruning

Pruning can boost plant vitality by removing weak, overloaded growth. This type of thinning frequently enhances the plant’s visual balance or symmetry.

The Best Time to Trim Trees for Maximum Results

Winter months, from November to March, are perfect since trees and other vegetation are dormant. At this time of the year, there are fewer leaves. During the dormant season, trimming is easier to see.

Tree Removal Galena, Ohio

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