Irrigation Winterization Service Galena, Ohio

The changing leaves and brisk breezes make Fall a favorite time of year for many. But it’s also the time to winterize your landscaping. You need a reliable and professional landscaping company to winterize your sprinkler systems and prepare you for the harshest winter weather. Lawn sprinkler winterization is crucial to preventing damage that leads to costly repairs.

At Galena Lawn Care, we want to help you protect your landscape and ensure your irrigation systems remain in top condition for many years. That’s why we offer our irrigation winterization service. With irrigation winterization, we’ll:

  • Close the main line of your irrigation system.
  • Use an air compressor to clear the remaining water from your irrigation lines.

Contact Galena Lawn Care before the freezing temperatures arrive. Our sprinkler winterization service can help prevent the water from freezing and expanding in the sprinkler lines.

Our professional landscape technicians take great care to reduce or eliminate the risk of damage to your irrigation systems. Winterize your irrigation systems in the Fall and protect your landscaping investment. Repairing burst sprinkler lines buried underground means digging up your beautiful lawn to find the damage.

Not only can your sprinkler lines burst, but water can freeze inside your sprinkler heads. When this happens, the sprinkler heads can cause them to crack or pop off. Replacing sprinkler heads every spring can be time-consuming and costly.

Searching for ‘irrigation winterization near me?’ Contact Galena Lawn Care today and go into winter worry-free.

Irrigation Winterization Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When is the best time to perform irrigation winterization?

The best time to do irrigation winterization is in the late Fall, before the ground freezes. You don’t want to wait too long since freezing temperatures overnight can cause the water to freeze in your irrigation lines. When the temperatures drop, your landscape plants will either grow more slowly or be killed off by frost, so attempting to operate your sprinklers can lead to damage from freezing water.

However, don’t wait until you see frosty mornings to call. Schedule your irrigation winterization now to ensure our landscape technicians can service your sprinkler system. Many property owners are preparing their landscapes for winter, and it is a busy time for Galena Lawn Care. We want to make sure we take care of all our customers!

2.  Can I just shut the water off to my sprinklers for the winter?

Irrigation winterization does much more than simply shutting the water off. We clear your irrigation lines of water, ensuring that there is no water sitting in the pipes that could freeze and expand, resulting in costly damage later. In addition, we clear your sprinkler heads to help prevent them from cracking or popping because of leftover water in the lines.

3.  Can I clear my sprinkler lines myself for the winter?

Your landscape irrigation is an investment that beautifies your home and property and ensures that your plants and trees remain healthy and attractive year after year. Our landscape technicians are professionals who use the correct pressure to safely and efficiently clear your irrigation lines without damaging them. Too much pressure can damage your pipes and valves. But not applying enough pressure could leave water in the lines, which will freeze and damage the lines and sprinkler heads.

4.  Does irrigation winterization take a long time?

No! In fact, the process could take as little as 30 minutes. However, the length of time it will take to winterize your sprinklers is based on your individual system and if you have other winterization or landscaping needs. Our technicians will begin by turning off the water and then will blow air through the irrigation system. If you have a large property with many zones, then the winterization process could take longer since our technicians want to be thorough and ensure that the process is done correctly.

5.  Do I have to pay for equipment for irrigation winterization?

Our landscape technicians take care of all the equipment needed to perform this critical service, and we offer unbeatable rates for our professional services. Schedule an appointment with Galena Lawn Care today, and we’ll assess your property needs. We’ll bring the necessary equipment to perform your irrigation winterization quickly, effectively, and safely.

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