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Lawn Aeration in Delaware, Ohio

After a fun summer of cookouts, birthday parties, and entertaining guests in your backyard, it’s important to take the time to care for your lawn. After all, it just took a whole year of kids and pets running through the yard and picnic blankets mashing the grass down into the soil. It’s important to make sure that the soil is not too compacted and that it has access to air, water, and nutrients for the grass’ roots.

This is where lawn aeration comes in. Lawn aeration is the act of puncturing the soil in a yard to ultimately improve the look and health of the grass and lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration Services in Delaware, Ohio

When you aerate a lawn, the compacted soil underneath the grass is broken up and loosened so that the soil can better absorb water, nutrients, and oxygen for plant roots to absorb and stay healthy. When you call a lawn aeration company in Delaware, Ohio, the professionals will use the proper equipment and techniques to ensure that your lawn is prepared for healthy growth.

Lawn aeration also controls the buildup of thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead and organic stems, leaves, and grass blades underneath the grass that is compressed between the soil and the top of the lawn. It’s natural and beneficial to have a layer of thatch, but it’s important that it is not too thick, as then water runoff and oxygen cannot penetrate the soil and provide substance to the plant roots. When a professional lawn aeration company in Delaware, Ohio aerates your lawn, this layer is broken up and reduced.

It’s important to aerate your lawn twice a year: once in the spring and once at the beginning of the fall. When you aerate during these transitional seasons, it allows your lawn to be prepared for the summer, then be prepared for the colder temperatures. When you aerate in the spring, it helps rejuvenate the soil and grass after a few months of snow, frost, and ice. Snow blocks the sunlight that grass and soil need for healthy growth, and when it melts, it oversaturates the soil, damaging the roots.

Aerating in the fall is important after a season of people and animals compressing the grass on the yard, and better prepares the grass and soil for dropping temperatures and frosty mornings.

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When your lawn is ready for aeration, make sure that you call a professional lawn aeration company in Delaware, Ohio. Galena Lawn Care, a high-quality lawn care company, offers professional services for residential and commercial properties to help homeowners and business owners to keep their landscape and lawns healthy and luscious. Contact us online or call us at (740) 913-1599 to book services for lawn aeration in Delaware, Ohio.

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