Aeration is one of those very simple gardening chores that go a long way in keeping the grass dense and lush in your lawn. But regrettably, it is also one of those services that not enough people perform on their home outdoors. Instead, they opt for expensive and complicated means only to achieve the same results at far greater trouble. Others decidedly skip aeration owing to the lack of a personal aerator. Buying one is a bit too much considering that a lawn needs aeration only once or twice a year.

Galena Lawn Care specializes in Ohio Grounds Maintenance and solves both the situations by bringing to homeowners affordable lawn aeration service Lewis Center Ohio that neither involves any DIY work, nor big bucks. Our professionals aerate lawns effectively so that the results last through the year. 

Aeration Is Not Optional 

Our aeration service is the best in the area. The motto of our lawn aeration company Lewis Center Ohio is to keep your lawn in the best shape possible. Compact soil is the enemy of vegetation. Lack of yearly aeration causes even the most fertile soil to turn compact over time. Once compact, it stops moisture, air and nutrients that are essential for the growth and survival of grass to reach its roots. With the supply of essential nutrients cut off, grass starts to thin and disappear in places. The quality of the lawn’s aesthetics suffer inevitably from that.

We insist you to avail our lawn aeration near me Lewis Center Ohio service once a year. Through aeration, we keep the soil sufficiently nourished so that the grass that grows on it is thicker, healthier and greener.

The Advantages of Our Lawn Aeration Services Lewis Center Ohio

Using our lawn aeration service near Lewis Center Ohio has its advantages. When our professionals set to the task of aerating your lawn, they break up the compact soil that lies under the grass. This loosen up the soil and resultant, its absorption capacity shoots up. Air, water, nutrients pass through the now porous soil easily reaching the grass roots where they get absorbed instantly. This keeps the grass healthy and green. We use the right set of tools and techniques to promote the growth of grass in your lawn.

Lawn aeration Lewis Center Ohio has other benefits too. It keeps the thatch buildup in check. Thatch is nothing but the accumulation of dead stems, leaves and grasses that build up underneath the grass. This over time gets hardened between the soil and the grass. While that’s a natural process and has its own merits, it’s our job to keep a close watch on the buildup making sure that it never gets too thick. Our professionals keep the thatch from growing too heavy to prevent the water and nutrients supply from reaching the inside of the soil. Through a series of equipment, we break down the soil and thin down the thatch so that the soil at all times has an adequate supply of moisture and nutrients.

Ideally, one must aerate their lawns two times over the course of a year. Transitional seasons like spring and fall are the best time to do this. Aeration in these seasons prepare the grounds for the challenges of summer and winter. In spring, aeration ensures rejuvenation of the soil after the long arid months of snow. When the ice finally starts to melt in spring, the moisture swamps the soil ending up doing more harm than good to the now awakening grass.

Fall aeration loosens up the soil that gets compressed underfoot in the summer. This helps it prepare for the subzero temperatures and ice.

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To keep your lawn aerated and maintained through the year, avail our lawn aeration service Lewis Center Ohio.

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