Ways to Green Your Garden on Earth Day 2020

POSTED ON February 15, 2020 BY Galena Lawn Care

The Earth Day comes only once every year. It brings with it opportunities and reasons to give back to the planet something in return for its bounty that sustains us through the year. If you have some things planned out this year to celebrate the Earth’s Day, make sure greening your garden is among them. If doing it alone seems to be a daunting task then you can contact our landscaping experts to assist you in getting the right solution. Galena Lawn Care emphasizes on quality lawn care and its team of professionals is always at your service.

While small lifestyle changes go a long way in protecting the environment, growing a sustainable garden in your backyard is the best way to start your journey towards going green.

If you are enticed, but also overwhelmed by the idea of going green and don’t know where to start, here are some simple but assuring ways to green your garden on Earth Day 2020.

Plant New Trees

If you have been planning to plant new trees in your garden this year, this Earth Day is a great occasion for that. If you have immediate plans, no need to hold it off for three months, but if you are raking ideas to do on that day, then planting a new tree or more is a good way to support the initiative. More plants in your backyard means purer air for your family and neighbors.

Use Organic Seeds

When planting new trees, try using organic seeds this time. There are plenty of nurseries that carry organic seeds these days. You can also order them online or even buy them at the garden section of the supermarket. Planting organic seeds is a great way to be on a planet-friendly footing.

Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly

Birds can be a nuisance for backyards, but not if you make it a friendly place for them to hang out. Put up a birdbath and a bird feeder to encourage the little twittering friends to come over and enjoy some nice time in your garden. On the upside, the chirping of the birds creates a perfect natural ambience just outside the window. The cleanups are only a very small way to thank them for it.

Start a Compost Pit

If you have been throwing away all your food wastes so far, it’s time to put them to use. Start a compost pit. Set aside all your organic kitchen waste in a separate trash and empty them in the pit at the end of the day. Keep the pit covered to expedite the decomposition, and in just a few days you will have the best fertilizer for your plants ever. It takes very little work and nearly no expense.

Collect Rainwater in a Barrel

Harvesting rainwater is a good way to reduce your carbon footprints. Set a wooden barrel out in the garden to collect rainwater every time it pours. Use this water to keep your garden fresh and green year long.

Hire an Eco-Friendly Landscaper Company

Be wise in your choice of landscape contractor. One of the most easily overlooked Earth Day tips for going green is to choose an eco-friendly landscaper. There may not be many of them yet, but the idea is to go with the one near you that offers the most eco-friendly service.

Reduce Grassy Areas in Your Backyard

Grass is great, but flowers are better. Plus, they are less work and less resource. So, next time you have the lawn guys over for grounds maintenance, get them to plant more flowerbeds for ground cover that are easy to care for and do not always need professional touch.

Switch to Natural and Organic Products

This Earth Day, discard all chemical-based gardening product and switch to the natural and organic varieties. This may cost you a little extra, but it will be money rightly invested.

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