5 Advantages of Mulching

POSTED ON November 10, 2019 BY Galena Lawn Care

What is Mulching and Its Advantages?

Gardens take on many different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. Similarly, there is a wide variety of mulch that can be used to advance the design of your garden including organic mulch and non-organic mulch. Deciding what type of mulch to use in your garden, as well as if you should invest in mulch at all, is ultimately a job for a professional lawn care company.

However, when one is faced with the decision to use mulch for their landscaping needs, they should take into consideration the benefits that mulch can provide. Most people understand that mulching will ensure your home is manicured and that your landscape looks clean and crisp, but they are unaware of the many advantages that mulching can offer your garden.

Throughout this article, Galena Lawn Care, a Galena mulching company, explains 5 major advantages of mulching.

  1. Controls Weeds

Did you know that integrating mulch into your landscape is a great way to limit the number of weeds that grow? It’s true, mulch acts as a natural barrier, limiting the amount of sunlight that is able to reach the soil in the places that you don’t want weeds to grow. When sunlight cannot find its way to the weeds, the weeds will not be able to grow and will save you time that is usually spent on weeding.

  1. Retains Moisture

 Organic and non-organic mulch assortments both cover the soil and limit evaporation. Mulches absorb water and help to retain moisture that will nurture your plant growth. Especially during the summer, when the weather in Ohio is hot and humid, mulch will help out your water bill by giving your plants water. Thus, reducing the water you physically need to give your gardens.

  1. Prevents Soil Erosion

Soil by itself often gets washed away from rainwater but mulch can prevent this from occurring. Mulch protects the soil by breaking the fall of water and minimizing the force when water impacts the ground. Mulch acts as a shield which, helps keep your landscape in place and finally preventing soil erosion.

  1. Soil Nutrients

Not only does mulch prevent soil erosion, it also can keep soil nutrients from getting washed away by the forceful rain. On top of retaining the soil nutrients from the blanket of mulch that covers your soil, certain types of mulch decompose on the soil over time that will release added nutrients into the soil.

  1. Soil Temperature Control

Mulching will moderate soil temperature fluctuations! This means that in the hot summer season, plant roots will be kept cooler by mulch covering the soil. In the frigid-winter season, mulch protects plant roots from the cold and helps to prevent frost-heaving, where plants are pushed out of the ground by natural expansion and contraction of soil as temperatures consistently cool and heat up.

The 5 advantages of mulching explained above are some, but not all of the advantages that mulching can bring to your garden. Understanding the benefits of mulching can give you a new perspective on the damage that is created when your soil is unprotected.

Do you know you want to mulch? It’s best to seek professional guidance and installation of mulch from a mulching company near you, like Galena Lawn Care. Save money and time by utilizing mulch in your landscape. Contact the expert Galena mulching services provided by Galena Lawn Care today by calling 740-913-1599 or connect with us online to book our mulching services!

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