The Gardening Resolutions You Need to Make for 2020

POSTED ON December 20, 2019 BY Galena Lawn Care

The New Year is just around the corner and everybody is busy wrapping Christmas presents and making plans for the holidays. With the celebration on, we must all take a minute to think of some resolutions to make in the New Year. If gardening is at the top of your list, then your resolution for 2020 should be to try and tick off as many gardening to-dos as you can in the New Year. By the time spring arrives, you should have a clean landscape ready to embrace the life and spirit of the season.

New Year’s Gardening Resolution Ideas 2020

Those of you still working on their gardening resolutions for 2020, here are some ideas. Aim to pick at least 5 of these as your gardening goals in 2020.

  • If your garden is arid and patchy, you should probably start by building a nice compost bin that you can use all through the year to fertilize the soil.
  • If you do not have any garden art worthy of notice, then maybe get a bird feeder or a bird bath this year. A bird feeder can be bought even at a supermarket. Just hang it and refill it with grains every morning. A bird bath on the other hand needs some masonry for which you need to contact a landscaper.
  • Sign up for a lawn maintenance service so that like every year, you don’t have to spend your free weekends in the New Year pottering in the backyard.
  • Change to organic fertilizers if you haven’t already. With societies everywhere switching to organic foods and products, the New Year is the right time to take the leap yourself.
  • Get flowerbeds installed in the garden. This is one of the most procrastinated things on the list. This New Year fix it by calling the lawn care guys to set you up with some nice flowerbeds.
  • Install window boxes or flower planters to your balcony, fence or home. Sow the plants of your choice and watch them burst into bloom in spring and overflow the planters with brilliant colors.
  • Plant milkweed. Not only are they vibrantly colorful, they also invite pollinators like the monarch butterflies. Together, they make quite a sight.

2020 Trends in Garden Design

In 2020, the garden activities will mostly be focusing on creating more spaces within the existing boundaries and making the most of the current landscape. In other words, the 2020 gardening trends will stress on growing a garden that will do good to plants, to local wildlife and by extension, to the planet.

Composting to Make Your Garden More Sustainable

Your garden may seem sustainable enough in its current state, but it’s not if it does not have a compost bin. The best way to switch to natural methods is by building your own compost bin. What that does is, reduce carbon footprints, improve soil fertility and nourish the plants. The best thing is, composting can be done in both small and large properties.

Change through Repurposing

If you are planning to make some visual changes to your backyard, then repurposing things you already have is an excellent idea. Get clever DIY ideas from gardening tutorials and books.

Water Feeder for the Birds and the Ambience

A water feeder in the garden can do two things, feed the thirsty finches as well as enrich the ambience of the garden with its presence and sound.

Planting Double Duty Flowering Bushes

This year, we are going to see some serious blooms in the backyards. People are spending on heavy-duty flowering plants that bloom generously and through all seasons.

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