Can aeration and seeding be done in the spring?

POSTED ON March 29, 2022 BY Galena Lawn Care

Should you or should you not aerate the grass lawn? Let’s get answers

Spring brings lots of positivity and wellness. It is the ideal time to grow plants and sow seeds. But can aeration and seeding be done in the spring? The simple answer is Yes! You can aerate during the bright and sunny periods of the year. Aeration is indispensable for maintaining a healthy lawn.

To understand the process and the right time for aeration, read on. 

What is proper aeration?

Aeration is a lawn care process that involves opening the turf and soil underneath to penetrate the roots to allow the water and air into it. This process is to enrich the grassroots and help more airflow inside the soils. 

Core aeration is another popular term for this process. You can do this using a manual puncture, or a motorized machine for large lawns.  

In simpler terms – inserting small holes in the lawn to let the air and water circulate that helps the soils become healthier is aeration. Water and air are the natural sources of nutrients for any ground to help seeds germinate. When there are enough holes, the oxygen can penetrate through it and let the unwanted carbon dioxide out to make the soil fertile. 

When is aeration suitable for lawns?

Late spring aeration is a beneficial technique to waive off poor lawn conditions. It is more suitable if the turf is thin and is quite tight. March to May in the late spring is considered the ideal aeration period.

The best time to aerate and oversee the lawn is fall. It is a time when the temperatures are cool, and the weeds are at minimal growth. It gives more opportunity for the grass to grow, and you do not have to worry about the crabgrass.

What is the best time to seed the yard?

Seeding is the second step for growing anything in the yard. The foremost step is the preparation of the yard. The preparation includes aeration and the best time to seed is the start of the Fall season. Early fall and early spring are two times of the year when you can consider seeding. 

The yard is at its suitable temperature, which is 55-degree Fahrenheit, so it is neither too cold nor too warm. Hope this answers your trick question – Can you aerate your yard in the spring? And, it’s YES! You may.

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