Taking Care of the Mess – Total Yard Clean-Up

POSTED ON August 27, 2019 BY Galena Lawn Care

During seasonal transitions, your lawn deserves more attention than usual.

This process often proves to be time consuming and hassle-filled. To make your lawncare the priority it should be, trust Galena Lawn Care. We will overhaul your backyard just in time for the winter season.

Our trusted team of professionals applies consistent attention, proper care and best practices to maintain the upkeep of your outdoor living space. Our dedicated efforts encompass the entirety of your backyard whether that be landscape, hardscape or lawncare.

Prior to winter dormancy, it is always smart to address any needs that your outdoor area might need. Our premier backyard cleaning services in Galena, Ohio analyze your situation and target the areas that need the most attention. By tackling the issues that may plague your lawn, we give your backyard ideal time to recover while the cold seasons set in.

Galena’s assessment of your lawn is very thorough and deliberate. We rely greatly upon our land inspection when building a time frame for labor and deciding which areas to approach. Our company carries all of the necessary tools and supplies to ensure total satisfaction for our customers.

Here are some of the outdoor tools that we use:

  • Clearing tools
  • Shrub rakes
  • Weed removal tools or sprays
  • Hand pruners
  • Shovel
  • Cultivator
  • Trowels
  • Power washers

Note: When trimming hedges, we will maximize efficiency by using hand pruners instead of electric shears.

The most important element of total yard clean up is our comprehensiveness. We always make sure to be meticulous when it comes to taking care of your yard. Most of the time, this involves clearing debris such as branches, leaves, dead plants and weeds to make room for new growth. A popular option for lawn cleanup is the compost method. Creating a pile of compost from your lawn allows gathered organic materials to fertilize your lawn and penetrate the soil with essential nutrients. Also, we can include a cover crop of quick sprouting annuals that will improve soil health and protect against erosion.

The pruning process is another key component of total yard clean up. Galena will prune away your dead, infected or damaged branches as well as unwanted tree foliage, shrubs or recurring vegetation. It is important to prune these materials away for the longevity of your lawn. Pruning creates bloom production, plant development and space management. It also prevents a thick outer layer from forming around the vegetation. This is crucial because any outer growth can block sunlight and air from reaching the center, which prohibits growth. With proper space allocation, your lawn and any vegetation can grow properly. 

Here are a few other methods we use to keep your lawn prim and proper:

  • Cut back perennial plants or grasses for growth opportunities
  • Scrape away outdated mulch and plant new mulch
  • Paint epoxy patches on worn out wood fencing
  • Test soil pH level to assess for necessary add-ons such as lime or sulphur
  • Rake escaped gravel and refill joints
  • Protect vulnerable garden species with burlap, dirt and mulch
  • Aeration to reduce thatch buildup and soil compaction

Our total lawn clean up is all-inclusive and is guaranteed to leave your lawn looking pristine. Our services improve air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, which makes your lawn stand out amongst the rest. We make sure your grass is properly cut and watered through enhanced soil and water uptake. Galena is able to reduce runoff and puddling, which leads to improved resiliency. Our methods are equipped to tolerate heat, drought and potential stressors.

At Galena Lawn Care, we place 100 percent focus on creating the utmost efficiency when it comes to best lawn practices. Through collaboration with Galena lawn care professionals and direct application of our expertise, we aim to keep our audience completely informed. Our experienced professionals can help you maintain a lush yard, year after year. We serve the lawn care needs of those within Galena, Sunbury and all surrounding areas. Contact Galena Lawn Care by calling (740) 913-1599 or by filling out our online contact form!

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