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Our lawns, like our properties are our pride. It is what sets us apart in a neighborhood, gives us a particular image in the eyes of the people and keeps us in competition with the neighbors. A beautifully kept lawn is valued as an asset in a commercial property.

In business, the first impression is had not by the kind of setup you have, but by the sweeping aesthetics of your business premise. In that, the lawn has a huge role. When a potential client judges a business, they do so even before they have entered the premise. The importance of a lawn in keeping a positive business image is so intrinsic that it gives a business owner good reasons to hire a commercial grounds maintenance company in Westerville Ohio for the maintenance works.

A perfect lawn resonates with a successful business. Similarly, a dry, weedy, neglected lawn is the sign of a business that may not be doing so good commercially. It casts a negative image on a company that has a premise bordered by under-kept grounds.

Confidence comes from a polished and professional business setup. A grounds maintenance company Westerville Ohio can help a business make a positive and lasting impression on the clients and get more business.

Our Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

Industrial grounds maintenance Westerville Ohio involves an array of cumbersome tasks like seeding, mowing aerating, trimming, cleaning, pruning and snow management.

Our services are inclusive of all these major and minor ground maintenance services, but are not limited to just those. We like to start our maintenance service with a thorough cleaning of the grounds. In spring, we do the spring cleaning, and in fall, fall cleaning.

Spring cleaning for us involves prepping up the lawn for the upcoming spring season. Our men clear away the deposits of dead leaves bringing out the grassy land that gets buried under in the cold months of winter. Fall cleaning is an even bigger job involving leaf and twig removal. We follow that up with a lawn pruning.

Afterwards, we mow the lawn making sure that the grass growth is even all over. Tidying up the grass does half the job of giving the business a positive reflection in the eyes of the people. Then start the regular treatments of aeration, fertilization, dethatching and top dressing. With these treatments time to time, your lawn stays great-looking.

Finally, we do the turf enhancements in which we do mulching, seeding, sodding, flower displays, and such things that make the turf look immaculate and attractive.

Ice and Snow Management with Industrial Ground Maintenance Company Westerville Ohio

We take landscaping to the next level by going beyond the regular techniques of landscaping and ground maintenance. We take snow and ice management very seriously, and to remove all risks of slip and fall incidents in your perimeter, we make sure to be thorough with the removal job. We cover all areas of the turf, from the grassy bits to the paved parts. We take care of icy sidewalks and walkways so that your employees and visitors can walk safely to and from the building.

The grounds maintenance services Westerville Ohio does its best so that your company can portray an image of trustworthiness and dependability to the clients. To that end, they care for the grounds with great attention to details. With perfect-looking grounds, a business may find it hard to come across as a concerned and reliable business entity.

Welcome new customers into your office by seeking the service of Westerville grounds maintenance contractors to take care of all your lawn needs.


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