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Property owners in Westerville, Ohio should never neglect the job of lawn mowing or grass cutting as this involves a lot of time and effort. But to maintain the health and beauty of a lawn, periodic maintenance tasks are inevitable and have to be scheduled at regular intervals. At Galena Lawn Care, we get requests for different lawn maintenance services. Grass cutting, weed removal, and maintenance are a few of our essential services helping clients across Ohio.

Our services are customizable to match the needs of our clients. Throughout the years, we have been successfully handling lawn care services for our residential and commercial clients. Our experts are adept with the extent of the job and strive to deliver results with quality every time we are asked for our service.

Two essential factors that we keep in mind before beginning with the mowing process are the cutting height and frequency. Both of these factors are related to the species of turf grass that has to be mowed and the level of lawn that you desire. With our specialized grass-cutting service, we aim to provide some of the major advantages of lawn mowing regularly:

Healthy lawns

The secret to a healthy lawn is timely grass-cutting or mowing. It cuts down the excess grass and allows the remaining healthy grass to grow thick, green strands. Maintaining proper mowing height also helps increase the density of turf grass and promotes the growth of roots. Mowing the grass after a specific interval exposes the blades to the right amount of sunlight which makes them healthy and green.  Moreover, clipped grass left behind from the mowing sessions decomposes and mixes with the soil enriching its nutrition.

Appealing look

Nicely manicured lawns improve the aesthetic appeal of any property. As the yards are greener and healthier with thick grass, it is a pleasant sight for property owners and visitors. The lawn that is not cared for properly and is constantly ignored, has long grasses. Cutting those grasses is not an easy task. It may take multiple mows and tough equipment to get that turf back in shape. However, repeated mowing can leave clumps of grass on the property which may not look appealing. So, to have a beautiful lawn, consistent maintenance is necessary.

Managing weeds and pests

Weed seeds are lying dormant in every kind of soil. Cutting the lawn too short will only expose these weeds to sunlight and in no time your lawn will be covered with these. Regular mowing is essential to maintain a certain length of the grass, usually 2”-3” so the bottom soil is not overexposed to sun.

Infrequent mowing can further result in tall grasses in the yard. The long grass is also the breeding ground for many insects like fleas, ticks, and others. They grow more in shady areas where sunlight is less. Tall grass hinders the sunlight and creates an ideal environment for their breeding. Weekly mowing will keep the grass in the right size and never let the pests settle on your turfgrass.

Why do you need a professional grass-cutting service in Westerville, Ohio?

Cutting grass is not as easy as it seems. The job involves a lot of effort, time, and knowledge. What would be the ideal height for your lawn? How frequently do you need to mow the lawn? Galena Lawn Care, an expert lawn-cutting service in Westerville, Ohio, can answer all your queries correctly as we have years of experience and the right training for this job.

The growth pattern and the width of the leaves of the turfgrass species determine the average cutting height. The grass grows horizontally, and with narrow leaf blades, it can be cut shorter than the ones with wider leaf blades growing upright. How frequently you need to mow your yard also depends upon the growth rate and utility of grass. How fast or slow the grass will grow depends on weather conditions and how you are maintaining the area. So, cutting grass requires a lot of knowledge. Mowing without proper knowledge of each species can cause turf injury and damage to your lawn.

In addition to trimming and pruning the grass, we provide additional services:

  • Clear off debris from the entire lawn area
  • Gardening
  • Fertilizing

When a professional and experienced service provider like Galena Lawn Care is on board, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn becomes much easier. You must be thinking of the expenses. Although there are many cheap grass cuttings in Westerville, Ohio, we promise to give you the best services at an affordable price.

In the long run, involving Galena Lawn Care for the mowing job seems cost-effective. You can avoid the high cost of procuring and maintaining lawn care tools and equipment. Moreover, you can enjoy a healthy lawn without investing your time and money. Our expertise will no doubt add to the beauty and value of your property. If you have a front yard, backyard, residential, or commercial property that requires professional care, do not hesitate to contact us.

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