The Benefits of Proper Lawn Aeration Service?

Great lawns don’t just happen—they take some work. And one of the key things you can do to get a healthier, lusher lawn year after year is lawn aeration. Unfortunately, it’s a lawn task that many people don’t undertake. Even the greenest lawns can begin to struggle after some time if they can’t properly absorb oxygen and other nutrients. Over time, the soil can become compact, and the old grass can become matted, preventing proper growth.

Lawn aeration can restore vitality to your lawn and the soil. But many people aren’t sure how to do it or find it challenging to fit it into their busy schedules. If you’re considering a lawn aeration service near Westerville, keep reading. We’ve put together a lawn aeration guide to help you understand what lawn aeration is, the different ways you can perform this service, and other important details.

What is Aeration?

Lawn aeration, also called core aeration, involves puncturing small holes in the lawn to allow oxygen, water, and other nutrients to reach the soil. There are many methods for achieving this, including special spiked shoes, hand tools, and lawn impellers. If your soil has become compacted, then your lawn can benefit from aeration. Your soil may be compacted if:

  • You have a lot of foot traffic
  • Your home is new construction, and the topsoil might have been buried or removed
  • Your soil has a high clay content
  • You have a sod lawn with uneven or even no soil underneath
  • Your lawn feels springy but drains or dehydrates quickly

In some cases, you may be struggling with several of these lawn issues at once. You can perform a simple test to determine if you have compacted soil—grab a screwdriver, and push it into your lawn. If you aren’t able to easily push it down, then you likely have compacted soil.

How Aeration Helps Your Lawn

Aeration delivers a number of benefits to your lawn. As we mentioned above, aeration is a way to help the nutrients, oxygen, and water your lawn needs. Let’s take a deeper dive into how aeration can help your lawn.

Reduce and Prevent Weeds

If your lawn is more weeds than grass, then aeration can help you fight the good fight. Aeration can loosen the soil at the same time that it allows those nutrients to penetrate. Your existing grass is nourished and can better compete with weeds. And new seeding will be more likely to succeed and flourish in the healthier soil.

Reduce Thatch Problems

Over time, dead grass and other plant matter and debris can form into a thickening layer on your lawn. As it increases, it makes it more difficult for the green, healthy grass blades to grow. Lawn aeration helps break up the thatch and can reduce the frequency of dethatching your lawn—an intensive task.

Increase the Success of Overseeding

Overseeding involves sowing grass seeds on your existing lawn to help fill in bald patches and other damaged spots, and encourage fresh, new growth. Proper core aeration allows many of those grass seeds to get a little deeper than the surface of the soil, which improves their chances of germination and establishing healthy roots.

Improve Water Runoff

A soaking rain can benefit a lawn—or drown it. And aeration could be the difference-maker. Compacted soil or a heavy thatch layer can prevent rain from soaking in or draining away, leading to a shallow puddle that damages your grass and can even become a mosquito breeding ground. Core aeration can help water filter down into the soil and keep thatch under control, so you aren’t stuck with puddling water after every downpour.

Better Drought Protection

Since aeration can help improve the soil by allowing more moisture and nutrients to enter, it also helps the soil and your lawn to withstand periods of drought better. You’ll be able to maximize the benefits of watering, or if you don’t choose to water, your soil will handle dry periods better.

Get More Out of Fertilizers and Amendments

If you’re adding nutrients or amendments to your lawn, core aeration helps those nutrients penetrate into the soil more effectively rather than washing away in the rain or blowing away in the breeze. You may even need to apply fertilizers less often, saving you money. However, aerating after you have applied chemical fertilizers is not the best way to maximize the effect of the chemicals and can even weaken them.

What Is the Best Month to Aerate My Lawn in Westerville?

Although lawn aeration can provide tons of great benefits to your lawn, it isn’t a task you should do at random times. There are certain times of the year when aerating your lawn will be more effective. The best time of the year for lawn aeration services in Westerville, Ohio, is in the early fall when the summer heat is in the rearview mirror, and the ground has not yet frozen. September and October are the best months to aerate and prepare your lawn for the harsh cold of the coming winter months. If you are also overseeding, the seeds will have time to germinate and establish roots before the ground freezes.

Why Is Aeration Essential in Westerville?

Core aeration service in Westerville, Ohio, is essential for a vibrant and healthy lawn year after year. During the summer, your lawn may see increased foot traffic and excessive heat, as well as increased competition for resources from weeds. But Ohio winters can be just as harsh, with snow and frost blanketing your yard. Lawn aeration near Westerville is vital for maintaining healthy soils and the ideal conditions to promote fast and healthy lawn growth in the spring.

Unfortunately, lawn aeration is just one of many lawn and landscape chores to do during the fall. Many homeowners struggle to get to every task. It can be time-consuming, and you’ll need equipment to aerate your lawn correctly. In addition, there’s a chance you could damage other structures unintentionally. For example, many homeowners also have sprinkler systems, and improper lawn aeration could damage the sprinkler heads.

Get the Best Lawn Aeration Service in Westerville, Ohio

Lawn aeration is a crucial component of your overall lawn care and maintenance. But many homeowners don’t have the time or the know-how to properly aerate themselves. You can access the best core aerator service near Westerville by calling Galena Lawn Care. For years, Galena Lawn Care has been a top choice for homeowners looking for a lawn aeration company near Westerville, Ohio.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be back-breaking or bank-breaking. A lawn aerator can be an expensive purchase, and you’ll only need it once a year. But not aerating your lawn can lead to poor growth, excessive weeds, and other issues that require fertilizers, additional grass seed, and other costly purchases. Calling Galena Lawn Care can reduce your maintenance costs and ensure your grass is healthy and thriving year after year. And you won’t have to stow maintenance equipment or make extra trips to the garden section.

To schedule an appointment for lawn aeration or other critical lawn care tasks, contact Galena Lawn Care today!

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