The Purpose of Lawn Overseeding

Many people work hard to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn. They are careful to trim their grass to the right height, aerate it in the fall, water properly with a hose or sprinklers, and may even feed and fertilize it periodically. But if you’re still noticing weak growth or bare patches, then you may need to think about the type of grass you have.

If you are working hard to maintain your lawn and your grass simply isn’t thriving, then it’s possible you may need to adjust the type of grass you are growing. Certain types of grass grow better under certain conditions than others and may be better adapted to this area. But how do you replace your struggling existing grass with a new lawn? Overseeding is often the best answer.

What is Overseeding?

By overseeding, you can add new grass varieties to your lawn and encourage new, healthy growth. The process of overseeding entails adding grass seed to your existing lawn without ripping it out or moving the soil. Many people overseed after aerating their lawns, which can help the grass seed get into the soil for more successful germination.

However, there is a technique to getting the most out of overseeding your lawn. And for more extensive properties, the process can take a lot of time and work to do correctly. As a result, many people seek out professional lawn overseeding.

Professional Lawn Seeding and Overseeding

The searing heat of summer, children playing outside, and harsh Ohio winters can create unsightly damage. And the larger the lawn, the more challenging the task of overseeding can be. Many homeowners seek out a professional overseeding company near Westerville, Ohio. A professional can ensure that there is even coverage and improve the chances of healthy new growth by applying the seed, so it germinates properly.

The Benefits of Overseeding

Overseeding does more than beautify your lawn. There are multiple benefits to overseeding beyond improving your lawn’s appearance.

Overseeding Reduces Soil Erosion

When bare patches appear in your lawn, the soil is exposed. If you leave your soil exposed, wind and rain can erode it. Once the soil has deteriorated, you’ll need to add soil and other nutrients to get new grass to germinate and grow properly. And eroding soil can cause the bare patches to get larger and damage the rest of your lawn. Finally, the loss of soil means your lawn cannot retain moisture as well, making it less adaptable to the high stress of summer heat or drought.

Manage Disease and Pests by Overseeding

Some grass varieties handle the stress of pests better and are resistant to certain diseases. Overseeding with these varieties can reduce the amount of work you or a professional lawn care service need to do to maintain your lawn. If you are struggling with one type that is prone to disease, you can overseed with a newer variety that is resistant. By overseeding, you can save on fertilizer and amendment costs—and the time it takes to apply them.

Invest in Overseeding to Reduce Overall Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn can become a never-ending cycle of amendments, chemical fertilizers, watering, and pesticides if you aren’t growing the best variety of grass for your area or the season. Overseeding can help you transition to a different variety without sacrificing the look of your lawn. And when you have a grass variety that’s more suited to your area, you can save big by reducing or eliminating your dependence on pesticides and other chemicals altogether.

Overseeding Helps Establish a More Resilient Lawn

By overseeding, you’ll be encouraging thicker growth. And when the grass grows in more thickly, it’s better able to withstand heavy foot traffic. It’ll also be more likely to handle other stressors like heat and drought since thicker grass growth helps soil retain more moisture.

What Months Are Best for Overseeding?

The best time for overseeding services near Westerville is in the fall. The heat of the height of summer is too harsh to promote optimal germination and growth. But waiting too long can create problems when the temperatures drop too low, and there’s a risk of frost. By overseeding in the fall, the days will be warm enough to encourage germination and the establishment of a good root system. Once the cold weather hits, the roots will lie dormant in the soil, ready to send up fresh blades of new growth in the spring.

Many people combine overseeding with lawn aeration in the fall. Both tasks work well together to prepare your lawn for winter and beyond. Aeration allows nutrients, oxygen, and moisture to penetrate the soil. The small holes also help grass seeds get further into the soil for better germination and root establishment than simply overseeding on the surface.

How Late Can You Overseed in Westerville, Ohio?

Early fall is generally the best time for overseeding services in Westerville, Ohio. When the temperatures begin to drop, especially overnight, growth slows significantly. Waiting until late fall is risky because the seed may not have enough time and warmth to germinate properly before a frost hits. Late October to early November may be the latest you can safely overseed your lawn. If you’re not sure, talk to a trusted overseeding company like Galena Lawn Care, and check the weather forecast to see if freezing temperatures or winter storms are on the horizon.

Lawn Overseeding and Lawn Seeding Service in Westerville, Ohio

When you take care of your lawn, it is better able to handle the pressures and stresses of the environment. But if you want to take care of your lawn yourself, you’ll need to:

  • Learn about the types of maintenance your lawn needs, such as aeration and overseeding
  • Invest in often costly equipment, then store it until the next time
  • Carve out time from your busy schedule to perform the maintenance

When you calculate the cost of the equipment and the time it will take, you might find it makes more sense to hire the professionals. An overseeding company in Westerville, Ohio, like Galena Lawn Care, can save you the time and stress of trying to handle everything on your own. Whether your yard is small or extensive, a professional service can tackle it quickly and efficiently. In addition, by sticking to a maintenance schedule, you can minimize the risk of needing more drastic lawn care.

But do you need overseeding? An overseeding company can diagnose your lawn and determine both if you need overseeding and the type of grass that would work best for you.

Get Your Lawn Diagnosed Today

The technicians at Galena Lawn Care are the local professionals who have been successfully providing Westerville with overseeding services for years. We’re familiar with the types of grasses that flourish best in our part of Ohio. In addition, they can check to see if your lawn woes are pest-related or if there are soil issues at play. A thorough lawn diagnosis can ensure you get the correct overseeding application and other lawn maintenance tasks that will optimize your grass-growing success.

To schedule an appointment for lawn overseeding or other critical lawn care tasks, contact Galena Lawn Care today!

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