Tips for Efficient Lawn Mowing

POSTED ON March 25, 2019 BY Galena Lawn Care
The first day of spring started on March 20th, which is traditional for people to start spring cleaning. Everything from getting rid of old clothes, giving your home a thorough cleaning inside and out; and caring for your lawn. However, lawn care is one priority throughout the year. Still, the spring and summer months are […]

8 Custom Landscape Design Tips and Trends

POSTED ON January 25, 2019 BY Galena Lawn Care
Landscaping can have a big effect on your property value. It is often an overlooked aspect of improving the value of your home. If you are looking to increase the value of your home, look no further than the professionals at Galena Lawn Care for custom landscape design in Galena, Ohio. An unmaintained property is […]

3 Reasons to Choose Commercial Snow Removal this Winter

POSTED ON January 11, 2019 BY Galena Lawn Care
Snow is a fact many of us in Ohio hate to face. With the colder temps that accompany the winter months comes loads of it along with sleet, rain and even ice. As the winter adds accumulation to the Buckeye State, keeping your driveway clean is essential to eliminating your annual headache. The best way […]

Reasons to Book Tree Removal and Trimming Service

POSTED ON December 11, 2018 BY Galena Lawn Care
Trees are beautiful and strong structures that enhance the look and landscape of any property they stand on. They provide beautiful blossoms in the spring, cooling shade in the summer, and their leaves are great to pile up and jump in when they fall in the autumn. Unfortunately, trees can grow unsightly and become sick […]

Most Efficient Methods of Lawn Mowing

POSTED ON November 16, 2018 BY Galena Lawn Care
Mowing your lawn is a necessary part of home ownership. The process is time-consuming but must be taken care of. To maintain a neat and healthy landscape, there are several best practices to consider. The main objective of mowing your lawn is to upkeep its appearance. Use a wide lawn mower that is reliable and […]

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